Definition of durable: able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration in quality or value a durable hair color , also: designed to be durable durable goods.

Today I want to share my thoughts and ideas about creating  a hair color that lasts. When my clients come in for a hair color service they can expect a result that is durable. This leads to the client returning with such positivity. Clients tell me all the time that they are still receiving accolades on their color on the day of their appointments. I hear “my color is still looking so great and it’s been so long”. 

I often meet new clients due to this simple fact.  Clients telling me that they were referred by friends who’s hair they admire. Claiming they can never keep their reds, browns, or fashion tones from fading. 

I base my success on a few lessons I’ve learned along the way. 

  1. Use quality product, for which I believe the best out there is Goldwell. 
  2. Take time to educate the client on the “yearly plan” (follow up services, and home maintenance) 
  3. Treat hair as a fabric, understand porosity, understand thermal styling and mostly understand the different types of dyestuffs. 

Below is a guideline that I hope will bring you the same success it had awarded me. 

Step 1 – Understanding all the faces of the brand of choice. So many reasons as to why I love the Goldwell brand. Knowing that Goldwell has so many color options are a benefit to the end game. So take the time to learn those faces and truly understand their differences. From color conditioning, semi permanent foams, semi, demi, permanent…….. and the uniqueness of Goldwell’s Elumen. 

Step 2 – Map out the clients next 5 visits. It’s always good to have direction, to have a plan. Plans can always change and evolve, and that’s ok. Without a plan, leaves one looking unprepared and often not being able to provide the client with the direction they are seeking. 

An example of  5 service mapping 

Kelly Hallet - Durability of dyes

Step 3 – Let the color process begin. 

This is time to show your skill and education. It’s time for magic. Wave that wand to success. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Huge shout out to anonymous for the questions surrounding durability.  If you have tips or tricks, ideas, or solutions send them my way to be featured  as a guest blogger.