Recently I was able to attend a Pantone and Huritech webinar. This webinar was all about spotting and forecasting trends during the pandemic.   I love trend reporting. As a stylist it may be one of the most important resources that other stylists could tap into.   These yearly trends by Pantone unite science and emotion thru color, provide color trends and color education. Everything from luxury to mass. Fashion, textiles, beauty, industry, architecture, package design and multi i media are just a few areas of focus. 

80-95% of product & design sales success is influenced by color.  In the world of beauty, hair specifically there is no wonder why I put so much importance on learning these trends.  Color is the first thing we see and the first thing we connect to. Color is a language.  A language hairstylists need to learn.  

Symbolic colors- Looking at this year in a pandemic, it’s no surprise we look to white.  White brings out emotions of cleanliness, like the color of a blank page , a fresh start, the hope of new beginnings. 

Then they look at buzz words that are associated with a trend.  Wellness/ calming. This year we see a priority on self focus, self care, a state of good mental health.  Colors like sage green release the emotion of calm. 

Cyclic colors  from past generations, past era’s in history that reflect our current situation. Taking these colors and modernizing them. They did this with living coral Pantone color  in 2019

This pandemic 2021 we see nothing is normal. Supply chains are challenged, travel has ceased. This is the time we need to look inward, how are you feeling?  This year is about embracing who we are positivity, simplicity.  Take those emotions and feelings and then get creative . Look to the past, look to nature, look to simplify. 

Now let’s look at 2021. Color that resonates, color that is ascending in all areas of design, looking to the current situation as lifestyle.  Pantone color of the year for the fist time ever selected two independent colors that come together. Illuminating yellow and ultimate grey. 

Together they provide strength and hopefulness. This year in a pandemic we are reminded it’s not about one, it’s about more then one. This pandemic showcases we need one another to get thru. 

If you are seeking more trend information, looking to discuss the specific color pairings for 2021, or simply have more questions I ask you to email me. I will be showcasing pre colored mannequins, discussing the techniques and color pairing if you are interested in attending virtually.