Texture is back , in fact I wonder if it ever really left.  As a stylist behind the chair one of my favourite services to preform is a permanent wave. I love perming, it is true. Nothing is more exciting when removing those rods and seeing a transformation. 

Let’s take a look to see where texture began. The first person to produce a practical thermal method was Marcel Grateau in 1872 He devised a pair of specially manufactured tongs, in which one of the arms had a circular cross-section and the other a concave one, so that one fitted inside the other when the tongs were closed. The tongs were generally heated over a gas or alcohol flame.  

Check this out~ it’s no wonder I love perming so much,  it was Goldwell’s very first product. An innovative cold perm that makes the stylist’s and client’s life easier, since the thioglycolic acid technology it could be used at room temperature. 

Before any perm service is done I have a solid consultation discussing the outcome objectives for the client. Perming hair is not wash and wear ready. There is still home maintenance involved.  And stop thinking of perms as a gender option.  Perms are for everyone, my biggest perm clients have been short hair Asian men who are looking for those groomed away from the face styles. Fine hair clients looking for body, or lift from scalp. Creating some bend in fine or straight hair gives more options for styling. 

Goldwell just launched a new service called Nuwave. Goldwell introduces an incredible new innovation in texture and shape change. The first semi-permanent shape change service for effortless waves and smart process control. Redefining texture allows me as a stylist to now offer options of wave and texture.  This means that beach waves, glamour waves and vintage waves  can be offered for up to three months without using hot tools.  Who’s excited, just say yes!!!!

As for those clients who are looking for texture without a chemical service then we still have all our styling aids. Hot tools, blow brushes, and crimpers to name a few. Combine that with amazing products for curl enhancement, heat protection and styling and it’s a win win.  

If you are looking to be inspired by curl,  wave, styling. If you want guidance on how to bring in more business with these services in mind.  Looking for ways to market and advertise the biggest trend of 2021. Direct message me for the details.