When the pandemic first hit I instantly knew I wanted to give back to the hair community. Education has always been my position. As salons closed and stylists found themselves with forced downtime, I reached out across the country and began offering complimentary virtual education. The covid virus had not only changed my world but changed the entire beauty industry.  Scary as these times were / are I am reminded by the good of people. The community that rallies around you when you need it the most. Our industry is unique it spans worldwide connecting us through similarities. 

 As Manitoba was the first province to see its second lockdown, I couldn’t help but feel their pain. I couldn’t help to think that Ontario’s time was just around the corner.  And it was. Fear often brought feelings of negativity, self doubt, and loss. And yet I looked to that time as a way to breed positivity.  I can tell you many stories how I see our beauty leaders step up. I see how colleagues, friends and others within this industry have raised rents for those who were approaching the financial end. Salon doors didn’t have to close all because a woman named Lindie Blackwell from Ontario stepped up rallied her allies, reached out to ask for help, and helped another salon survive. I can share stories of a salon owner faced with covid restrictions and loss of revenue , discovering cancer simultaneously. Yet, all because a woman named Michelle Pargee from British Columbia stepped up, reached out for support the salon owner can put all her energy in the fight for her health.  I see amazing stylists standing up to the closures like Wendy McNichol from Ontario who protested with signs bringing awareness to increased mental illness and loss of job security. 

The financial aid from strangers, the kindness from those within this industry and those who protest for our rights to work prove that together all things are possible.  These are just three stories of many.  When our industry is faced with hardships we rise up. This is exactly what I was thinking and wanting to contribute to. Virtually I showcased new techniques, discussed marketing campaigns along with providing insights to reopening. It’s all about thinking outside the box. I just wanted to be there for the people who were scared, and to lend an ear for support or offer guidance where I could.  To give time and kindness is everything that I’ve learned from others along my way.  These large corporations, our suppliers have done the same. No matter what brands our salons support the message is the same. You are not alone.  

Kao Canada a leader in the beauty industry  proves they are with salons to get them thru this fight. The recovery plan provided salons with gloves, masks , sanitization, and so much more. Their account executives reaching out to provide endless council. Kao Canada owns subsidiaries ( professional hair care companies ) Goldwell, kms, and oribe  Manitoba salons are provided this same level of support thru Summit Salon Services  who reflect many beauty lines.  Summit salon services are constantly displaying the message of support, positivity and fun throughout social media and from their team. 

As a Goldwell educator with Kao Canada, I decided to partner with Viral clean Canada. Viral Clean is helping me reach my goal by donating ASTM level 1, 2, & 3 disposable medical masks licensed by Health Canada.  I have now donated 4500 Masks to Manitoba salons with the amazing support and distribution from Summit Salon Services. With more then 1000 masks already sent out into areas of Ontario and British Columbia, I’m happy to say the deliveries will continue. 

This really is just the start for me, and I hope others will want to be a part of this bigger picture of giving back. 

Viral Clean Canada is a company who constantly gives back. Donating over 500,000 yearly to many charities, shelters and supports like Ronald McDonald House just to name a few. With 2 manufacturing factories ( Ontario and Newfoundland ) it didn’t stop there. Viral Clean Canada has a new partnership. A new mask factory on an Alberta reserve. The factory will be 100% First Nation owned, operated and employed. After seeing the need for masks in many of the First Nation Communities. Viral Clean Canada has delivered to reserves as far as the West and East coasts this too I’m sure is just the beginning. 

Regardless of the company one thing is the same.  Kindness is being shared.  This is the beauty we should see more of.  My goal will be to keep supporting stylists. My hope is that other stylists and companies want to be part of this belief. My dream is that it continues to grow.