What’s your brush style? Do you have a favourite? Do you even know what your brush is doing? Who’s in control you or the brush?

All great questions. As I enter salons often and talk to stylists about the tools they select, I am reminded how marketing plays a huge role. Brushes should not be selected based on color or the fashion vibe it displays. Each brush selection should be determined on two key factors.

They are as follows.

  1. What type of hair does your client have
  2. What is your desired outcome

Next, you will need to know the differences in bristle selection.

  1. Synthetic
  2. Boar
  3. Combination of synthetic and boar
  4. Thermal options

Detangling brushes are offered in different bristles. To release tangles with ease for tug free styling or bristles that are thicker and stronger for more tension for those who have coarse or extreme curl types of hair. 

What if I told you that the shine of your hair can be directly related to the brush you choose.  A comb out brush will encourage shine, but as well distribute natural hair oils while being gentle on the scalp. A need for the client that’s finds their hair oily or greasy on day two. 

Vent, paddle, sculpting. We’ve heard these names but what do they mean. Learning that a sculpting brush is more user friendly for the client yet offers a similar round brush effect. 

Which of these brushes offer a faster blow dry time? The vent brush, and many more effect this brush can offer.  You want to tame frizz? There is a brush for that too!!! 

Wigs or extensions? How your brush selection plays a huge role in how long the extension or wig hair will last before breaking down. 

Round brushes the hierarchy of such. They come in different sizes, different barrel types depending on if you are looking to smooth, straighten, curl or just enhance volume.  Size selection matter. In fact how the bush handle is manufactured also matters. 

Thermal brushes are offered in both round blow out options or a straightening brush option. These are great options for clients who struggle with using multiple tools at once. 

Does this peak your interest l? Check out Blown away in the program section of my website. You will find inspiration and guidance that will leave you more knowledgeable, while getting the results you need from your tools on any hair type.