Brushing up

What’s your brush style? Do you have a favourite? Do you even know what your brush is doing? Who’s in control you or the brush? All great questions. As I enter salons often and talk to stylists about the tools they select, I am reminded how marketing plays a huge role. Brushes should not be […]

Who’s complaining?

When it comes to complaints or complaining what’s your style? Is there a right or wrong way.  Today we are going to explore the best practices in complaining. Discussing the how to complain, discussing how to respond to a client complaining about others and of course the personal complaint.  I love discussion posts and always feel […]

Paying it forward

When the pandemic first hit I instantly knew I wanted to give back to the hair community. Education has always been my position. As salons closed and stylists found themselves with forced downtime, I reached out across the country and began offering complimentary virtual education. The covid virus had not only changed my world but changed […]

Overall perfection

As great as your hair cutting or coloring skills may be,  without the blow out it can be left looking unfinished. here are my tips for the most successful blow out we can offer to our clients.   1. Pre-treat dry hair with a nourishing mask, treatment, or serum. My favourites: Goldwell’s dual senses serums  ( segment specific), and Kerasilk […]

Curl, wave or a styling aid

Texture is back , in fact I wonder if it ever really left.  As a stylist behind the chair one of my favourite services to preform is a permanent wave. I love perming, it is true. Nothing is more exciting when removing those rods and seeing a transformation.  Let’s take a look to see where texture […]

The importance of color trends

Recently I was able to attend a Pantone and Huritech webinar. This webinar was all about spotting and forecasting trends during the pandemic.   I love trend reporting. As a stylist it may be one of the most important resources that other stylists could tap into.   These yearly trends by Pantone unite science and emotion thru color, provide […]