The time is now

In a world hit by the pandemic it’s not enough to just do what you love. You need to do it better.  As a stylist, previous salon owner, educator I see how much our industry has changed within a year.  Yes our industry has changed. Owners are forced to look at their business in new ways. […]

Keeping our Blondes Fresh During The Pandemic

Hi my fellow Blondies! I see you, and I feel you during this pandemic. Blondes are one of the most high maintenance shades that are out there and with your clients being unable to visit your salon, may be experiencing some shade change and/or lack of that brilliant light reflection they are so used to […]

Durability of dyes

Definition of durable: able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration in quality or value a durable hair color , also: designed to be durable durable goods. Today I want to share my thoughts and ideas about creating  a hair color that lasts. When my clients come in for a hair color service they can […]

Conquering the contour

contour (plural contours) An outline, boundary or border, usually of curved shape.  In the 16th century, contouring was used by Elizabethan stage actors,  Contouring is usually produced by placing a warm or cool toned color that is one or two shades darker than the skin color in areas such as in the hollows of the cheeks, on the side of the nose, and […]

Softness is glamorous

Are we missing out on providing soft colouring options. Not all color has to be bold and in your face. One thing I love, is to create enhancements for clients who don’t even know they want enhancing. Clients come in for haircutting service all the time, and one thing I often hear is my hair […]

What Thomas Edison and The Salon Industry Have In Common

What Thomas Edison and The Salon Industry Have In Common Color Kits: Heaven Sent or The Devil’s Invention Written by L.J. LuBow Thomas Edison faced ruin One hundred and six years ago, on December 10th, 1914, Thomas Edison’s laboratory in New Jersey caught fire. Bizarre, glowing green and yellow flames soared high out of the […]