Adversity to opportunity

As many of us gear up for the holiday season and our final crunch time in salons, others are already forced from salons in light of the pandemic and it’s restrictions.  Many areas have been in a lockdown for quite some time. Many lockdowns are just beginning and some areas are without any lockdown measures.  […]

Candid Consultations

As a stylist this is where each service begins. It’s not just about a hello and moving on , it’s not a chance to get caught up on gossip or the daily news. This beginning is your key to success behind the chair. I’m going to dive a bit deeper into the importance of the […]

Mastery of the finish

One of my favourite services in the salon is a blow dry. It’s also a skill that I see slipping in our industry. I remember the days of hair school, stylists would blow dry from wet with the smallest round brush possible. Luckily we’ve learned a few things along the way. As a stylist I […]

Why Goldwell

Everyone is posting about our color zoom entry class. I must say I love our team! The support and love in that room was endless. From both instructors, an unbelievable eye and uber talented photographer, and each and every participant. Acts of love brewed from day one. Sharing ideas, stories, a helping hand, shared tools, […]

Life of a Goldwell stylist

I was asked recently as to why I selected Goldwell as my salons color and styling line. In the beginning we had formed a relationship with a rep named Francine. Francine made regular visits. Always keeping us from falling short or running low on products. That relationship only continued to blossom in ways we never […]

Travel and education

Here I am on my most recent flight. So much to say. Have you ever had those moments like you are on top of the world , everything is going just as one would hope. I am a very positive person. Some people might even call me an optimist or others delusional. Either way I […]