As great as your hair cutting or coloring skills may be,  without the blow out it can be left looking unfinished. here are my tips for the most successful blow out we can offer to our clients. 

 1. Pre-treat dry hair with a nourishing mask, treatment, or serum. My favourites: Goldwell’s dual senses serums  ( segment specific), and Kerasilk intensive treatments.

Note: always pre-treat hair with a treatment/mask, as exposure to high heat can leave your strands stressed, compromised and feeling parched. If your clients hair is already dry or damaged your client will struggle to get that shiny, healthy looking finish.

2. Always use a heat-protector. My favourites: Goldwell’s style sign sleek perfection, and Kerasilk forming shape spray.

Note: It’s very important to keep your clients hair protected from all that heat, so a styling protection spray is a must. Heat-protector needs to be applied to your clients hair prior to every blow-dry.

3. Tame flyaways and frizz with a hair oil. My Favourites: Goldwell’s just smooth taming oil, and Goldwell’s elixir.

Note: If clients hair is fine, flyaway, dry or frizzy reach for a hair oil both before and after the blow-dry to make hair more manageable and give it gorgeous glossy shine.

Usage: Apply one pump or more, depending on how in need the hair is and work through mid-lengths and ends while still damp. When finished drying hair, use just a small amount ( pea size to start and add more if needed ) and smooth over ends and frizzy areas.

4. Boost volume with a thickening spray. My favourites: Goldwell’s ultra volume soft volumizer, and Kerasilk bodifying volume mousse, and fixing effect hairspray. Looking for a bit of extra volume and oomph, then use a weightless styling spray that will create volume lasting all day. Volume sprays act as a natural boost, thickening strands from root to tip. However, weightless formulas are perfect for those clients with finer hair, as they won’t weigh the hair down. 

Usage: Spray liberally onto damp hair at scalp and massage for 3-5 minutes. Finish dry hair with a weightless volume hairspray.

5. Save time by letting it air dry. My favourites: Kerasilk (segment specific) blow dry sprays. Utilize a blow dry spray and don’t go in (hairdryers) blazing, immediately straight after you’ve washed hair. Wait for a while and let it air dry. Use a quick blow dry spray, this will reduce the amount of heat exposure and generally save time and effort.

The number one product I can not be without. Goldwell’s ultra volume dry shampoo. This product keeps curls from clumping together. if you want curls to be piecey and imperfect, or keep them from clumping together…spray dry shampoo in hair after curling it.  Dry shampoo covers the hair’s natural oils, curls don’t intertwine and makes a master wave. Dry shampoo also boosts volume in one spray.  have clients flip their head upside down, since the gravity will help increase the volume as you add in the dry shampoo. Concentrate the dry shampoo at roots first, and then finish by spraying it all over to add some texture and volume. Up styling? Dry shampoo also helps lock in hair when you backcomb. Begin by spraying dry shampoo on the section and then backcomb it to help lock in the tease. 

I wish you all great success in your blow out game. Still looking for more? Check out the class offerings in the program section of my website, and stay tuned for new class additions coming soon.